5 Reasons To Get Rid Of That Apple Tree In Your Yard

8 March 2016
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With their dark, knotty bark and gorgeous white blossoms, apple trees can be some of the most beautiful backyard trees. If maintained properly, they can be a wonderful source of fresh apples for homemade applesauce and pies. However, these beautiful trees have their bad points as well. In fact, many people who plant them or who buy homes with apple trees in the yard are quickly disillusioned.  If you have a low tolerance for frustration – and yard work – here are five reasons to get rid of that apple tree in your yard.

1. The apples it produces won't be like the ones in the store. 

If you had plans to eat the apples, you'll probably be disappointed. Unless you treat the tree with pesticides, the apples will probably have wormholes, grubs and other unappetizing imperfections. Birds love apples too, and you'll be frustrated at how much fruit has been partially eaten. Once you climb the ladder, fill your basket and sort through the pile, you'll probably be surprised at how few of them are actually useable. Furthermore, the ones you don't pick eventually will fall to the ground and bruise. If you only wanted to keep the tree for the free fruit, you might find that fighting the bugs and birds is nearly impossible. Keeping up with the harvesting is an immense amount of work, and just not worth when there's almost no reward.

2. They can make a mess of the lawn.

Once the tree starts producing, it will drop fruit every day.  This means you'll have to pick up dropped fruit every time you want to mow the lawn, and if you like to get the lawn done quickly this can get old fast. Also, if you don't pick up the apples within a day or two they'll start to decompose. Sweet, mushy apples attract bees, so you'll have that to contend with when you finally get to it.  You'll also find apples all over the lawn, and will inevitably miss a few and hit them with the lawnmower. If you hate yard work and want a pristine lawn, you'll want to get rid of your apple tree.

3. Falling apples are annoying.

Apples fall without warning, and if you are unlucky enough to be standing under the tree, you can get painfully pelted. They also land on (and dent) cars and you may find them on your outdoor furniture and in your bird bath. If the branches reach over a fence, your neighbor may be even more annoyed. In other words, there will be fallen fruit everywhere. If the tree is taller than your ladder and you can't pick the apples before they fall, the only way to stop it is to cut the tree down.

4. There will be pollen.

An apple tree in full bloom is also full of pollen. Not only can it set off people's allergies, but it can coat your yard furniture, clotheslines, windows, freshly-washed car and everything else with a layer of powdery film.

5. They can attract unwanted wildlife.

Bees and insects love the fallen fruit, as do other pests like mice, rabbits and raccoons. Deer also love them, and while this might not be a problem in the middle of the city, it can be a problem in suburban areas. When wild animals discover a source of food they can be persistent, but if the apple tree is gone, they'll go look for food somewhere else.

While apple trees are lovely to look at, they are not low-maintenance trees. If you've been hesitant to cut yours down, consider how much work they are and what you are really getting out of it.  A tree removal service can take care of all of these problems once and for all, and you can always replace the tree with a lower-maintenance species. To learn more, contact a company like Turgeon Tree Removal